Friday, November 1, 2013

Amazon Countdown Deals Creates Urgency For Buyers, Favorable Responses From Self-Publishers

Self-publishers are generally giving favorable reviews to the new Amazon promotional tool rolled out this week: Countdown Deals

Here are the FAQ's on Amazon's KDP help page:

I personally like this. The urgency created by a 'countdown clock' next to the promotional price will help Authorpreneurs move more books faster.

This new feature makes buyers realize there is no time for delay. Buy the book today, or pay more by waiting. Hey, it's only 99 cents... why not buy now?  I think impulse buyers will wind up taking advantage of the 99 cent - $1.99 deals in a big way.

The other promotional tool that I've been anxiously awaiting was also rolled out this week.

Amazon's MatchBook feature, where anyone who has purchased a new book from Amazon, AND this book was entered into the MatchBook program by the publisher (70,000 books were available on Day 1, according to Amazon), the e-book feature is then available for at least half price.

I tested a few of my paperback titles, and noticed this week that the MatchBook information appeared along the right column of the sales page. Today, I notice that the discount feature is now directly under the sale information. This is good. Having it appear just as a potential buyer is making up his or her mind if they want to click on the 'Buy Button,' makes a stronger appeal.

I'm bewildered why these two promotional tools launched the very same week. I'd be interested to hear what other indie publishers think of both these programs to are geared to help us sell more Kindle books.