Monday, March 3, 2014

Self-Publishing Revolution Sets Author Free From Gatekeepers

One of my favorite blogs is by J.A. Konrath. Of late, I've noticed a rise in the number of legacy publishing gatekeepers (a.k.a. "Agents") put their foot in their mouth by downplaying the rise in self-publishing, specifically the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) self-publishing system. And, I've delighted in the way Konrath and his pals who post and comment on his blog systematically destroy the shortsighted views those same "Agents" on the Big 5 Publishing Industry.

Although most of the blog visitors and writers are engaged in fiction writing, I know from a fact that non-fiction like the writing I self-publish on KDP is indeed changing the way non-fiction writers can take control of their writing career and finally make money getting their books in the hands of readers everywhere.

My books aren't bestsellers on any NYT list. But I get a royalty check every month. Seeing those automatic payments show up in my checking account every month makes me inspired to publish more books. And, when I publish more books, I'm confident that my monthly royalties will inch up and up and up. I know I'll never be offered a big advance on a book contract. But I also never have to beg a gatekeeper for permission to submit a manuscript for the chance of having my work judged.... and given a go/no go signal. I can sidestep the agents policing the world of publishing. I'm free to publish what I want, when I want. I can price if for what I want to earn. I can create my own book cover and change it when I want to. I can write my own book descriptions and do my own marketing. The self-publishing revolution sets me and all other writers free.

I encourage you to join in the revolution and to check out J.A.Konrath's blog regularly. The future looks good and looks to keep getting better.