Monday, January 5, 2015

E-book Sales Surge Post-Holidays. The way forward looks promising. Stay tuned.

I've noticed a spike in my digital e-book sales. The spike began Christmas Day, Dec. 25th, 2014 -- likely as Kindle e-reader gifts were unwrapped by happy readers. These sales are actual "sales" -- not Kindle Unlimited borrows. KU borrows have drifted lower over the past 2 months, although it is nice to earn a few dollars allowing someone to read your book for free (note: traditional publishers would love to get even a few pennies each time a book was borrowed from public and private libraries).

But back to sales: I raised my Kindle book prices back up to $3.99, and I'm earning about $2.74 per sale. 100 sales = $274.00. 200 sales... well, you can do the math.

The neat thing to me is that this net revenue could very well continue on forever. As in the rest of my life. Yes, I may need to tweak my non-fiction books to keep them updated with current business conditions. But compared to other authors who lose shelf space in bricks-and-mortar bookstores after their initial sales fizzle, e-book revenue seems like it runs on auto-pilot.

I have 15 book projects lined up for 2015. 15 more in 2016. And 15 more in 2017. In 2018, my goal is to retire. For good. To live simply on book royalties plus my other retirement accounts. I will be 60 years old and able to wake up when I want to, do what I want to, and be who I want to!

Others may warn not to count my chickens before they hatch. But I'm convinced that we are entering a new age for writers, when authors and indie publishers will be able to sell directly to readers and profit from their own labors and keep the bulk of the money to boot.

No more dealing with gatekeepers, with agents, with archaic publisher reports sent out twice a year.

Authorpreneurs will rule. Writers will need to become businessmen and businesswomen who take control of their future. It will seem foolish to let go of the copyright to your intellectual property in years to come, just as it seems foolish to let go of your personal property now. Like your home, your savings, your investments and such, you as a writer will guard and protect the ideas that flow out of your brain via your fingertips just the same way as you now rent a secure storage unit to stand watch over your furniture, boxes of junk, and paper receipts you are afraid to get rid of now.

This year I will publish 15 non-fiction e-books and update/promote the 10 titles I've already published myself. Further, I have fiction ideas that I plan to get out of my mind and past my fingertips to publish online this year as well. Lots of projects. Lots of opportunities. Lots of challenges that will keep presenting themselves to test me and make me stronger.

Here is to a great year ahead in 2015, and a wish for you to make this your year of successful indie publishing as well!