Monday, September 30, 2013

How To Get Started Writing When You Just Can't Get Started

'Clustering' Your Ideas Helps Spark New Kindle Book Projects

By Steve Johnson |

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If you've ever struggled with starting a new Kindle book project, you know how frustrating it can be to face not only writer's block but e-book block as well.

Here's a solution to this all-too-common problem facing authors:

"Clustering" -- a technique developed by the late Gabriele Lusser Rico --  is a simple solution to uncover what you want to write about, right now.

The ultimate goal is to allow your own ideas, your own beliefs and your inner thoughts to flow so you can find natural links between them. These links help build your book. This "clustering" technique consists of four simple steps:

Keyword identification - Keywords that roll off your tongue can highlight which words showcase your topic; but rapid-fire written brainstorming captures the magic.

Keep your mind non-judgmental  - Don't edit your creativity. Sometimes unexpected, opposite ideas meld together to make a stronger message.

 Dig for deeper meanings - Seeing the chain of keywords allows you to dig deep into your project.

 Connect the dots - By drawing arrows and circling connections, you can use mind-mapping and clustering together to discover new conclusions.

The actual writing on your article, ebook, or your blog post begins when these four steps help reveal what you want to say.

The secret of this very simple, "low-tech" technique is simply that the mental process of digging up, cleaning up, and displaying the trophy ideas that will come in handy to help you self-publish your next Kindle book.