Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ideas For Promoting Your Kindle Book

It's still a good rule of rule of thumb to devote one-third of your time to researching and developing books, one-third of your time creating, writing, editing, proofing and publishing your books, and one-third of your time promoting your books.
It's the promotion part that I hate.
I always feel pushed to go back to Square One and start a new project.
The promotion, I lie to myself, will take of itself.
Sadly, it won't.
It's a good idea to collect ideas from other Kindle Book authors and pros who have discovered best practices when it comes to getting an audience.
I know, of course, that lots of authors devote hours and hours of their time on Twitter, on their blog, paying for paid advertising, building an email list, emailing for reviews.... yes, all good uses of time.
But sometimes you can save that time for more creative, productive, profitable work by following advice from others who have gone before you.
Here's one source that delivers some good information on book promotion for self-published authors:, which details some of their best ebook promotional strategies on specific websites that bring in a new audience.
We like the layout. There ARE lots of distractions (ads) that get in the way. But if you block those out and pay attention to what they are sharing, it'll be a good introduction to good promotional ideas.