Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cheating On Kindle: Why Authors May Need To Stray Sometimes, Explore New Options To Self-Publish

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles
Yes, you may be in love with publishing on Kindle, but as Chris Robley says on the BookBaby Blog, sometimes you might want to stray off the reservation to publish on other platforms competing for your love and attention. Could it be just a one-night-stand fling? Or maybe a smart move to juice up your literary love life?

While this may feel like you are cheating on your lover, you know they'll forgive you (unless, or course, you're locked into the KDP Select 90-Day Exclusivity contract to enjoy the option of giving your work away for free). Nook, iBook, Sony, Smashwords and Kobo are winking at you tonight. Should you go down that path?

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