Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Get Help Linking Your Kindle Book and Paperback Versions To Boost Visibility, Sales

It pays big dividends to link your Kindle Book with your Createspace paperback.

  • Log into your Amazon Author Central account.
  • Click on "Add Books"
  • Claim all your titles, ebooks and paperback versions.
  • Linking the ebook and paperback versions are supposed to happen automatically; when this isn't the case, click on the "Contact Us" link.
  • There will be a drop-down link labeled "My Books"
  • Enter a short message, such as "Please ensure these two versions are linked on my sales page."
  • KDP Amazon customer support will take it from there. The changes should be made within a few days.

The advantage of having both versions show up is that many readers like to have the option of ordering a hard-copy print version, and other readers tend to give a book which is published in multiple versions (ebook, paperback and/or audiobook) as being more "professional" or credible.

My own experience proves this is important. Having the paperback version listed for $8.99 and my Kindle book listed for $2.99 shows a $6.00 discount, and gives impression that the Kindle book is on sale. More important, having the paperbook versions available to all my Kindle books via CreateSpace has resulted in paperback sales now accounting for 35% of my gross publishing revenues.

And now, with Amazon's new BookMatch program, if you have a paperback version of your book the book buyer will have an option to add your Kindle book version at a discount price, potentially helping you to sell more books and making a higher profit margin.

If you need to link multiple editions -- for instance you published an updated edition of a textbook, manual or workbook -- click here for more information: