Thursday, November 2, 2017

Successful Self-Publisher Reveals 5 Ways She Writes A New Kindle Book Every Week

Here's the tale of a successful self-publisher who uses five simple ways to write a kindle book every single week.  She's doing it. You can too!

Kristen Eckstein accepted a challenge from her friend Nicole Dean to write and publish a book a week in a 3 week period.

She shared 5 ways she's doing it here:

Her blog post is inspiring. Read it and decide for yourself what level of self-publishing success you'll demand from your favorite employee: you!

I personally feel that it's no trouble completing a Kindle book of about 50-60 pages in two weeks, but then life gets in the way and another two weeks goes by.

I'm still working on some research for current titles I have under development, so I should be able to publish some titles during November and December of this year yet. But I admit, with holidays creeping up, I'll have to accept the fact that I'll get done what I get done, and re-focus and re-energize come the beginning of a New Year!

I hope Kristen's article post and her blog will help you get inspired to get busy writing, editing and self-publishing, so that by this time next year we can all celebrate with you when you show off your broad line of e-book titles selling each and every day for you all around the globe.

Get reading. Get started. Keep busy and keep going. Your success is waiting!