Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Amazon Let's Big Publishers Shoot Themselves In Foot Set Their Own Kindle Book Pricing

Just when you thought the Big 5 Publishers couldn't be any stupider, they've gotten their way and hiked ebook pricing on Amazon. Amazon now simply notes the pricing as "Price set by the publisher" in small type... almost as an apology to their customers. noted this change on sales pages of many popular books appearing on Their story about this new customer notice simply tells me that Amazon has given up trying to keep the Big 5 from imploding.
Kindle book readers have millions of titles to choose from. These days, many good stories are offered for free. Others can be hand for 99 cents. No, maybe not by Big Time authors. But these are good stories by good storytellers. In my humble opinion, when readers do the math (and they will), they'll find they can buy 12 of the 99 cent Kindle books instead of one book from Big5. They'll vote with their dollars. Big5 will fail. When they do, they'll blame Amazon.