Monday, October 2, 2017

What Do You Know? Plenty That Would Make A Bestselling Book!

It's still a major problem that new authorpreneurs get stuck on; deciding what to write about.
A good old book I refer to -- way before the age of Kindle Book self-publishing -- is titled "The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing" by Tom and Marilyn Ross, published back in 1985. In it, they opine on the all-important topic of what to write about.

There are things you can write about effectively and profitably even if you've never written anything in your life. No matter who you are, where you live, or how old you are, you know more about something than most other folks, and therefore you possess special knowledge that other people will pay for.
, the authors stated (pp 19). It's key to look for a match: The overlap of what you know best, and what other people are looking for.
There are plenty of ways to search out popular keyword phrases identifying what your niche is seeking online. When you know what people are looking for, and determine you can deliver a book, a guide, a video, or some other content that they will pay for, then you'll know you've got a winning idea.
The self-publishing model has enabled authors to niche-down their ideas, and target a small, profitable slice of the audience to delivery exactly what they are looking for.
For instance, there are still plenty of small businesses that advertise in the yellow pages.
A 'how-to' book on yellow page advertising would still sell.
Pre-Kindle days, you'd be forced to publish a compendium of all types of yellow page advice.
Today, you'd be able to publish one Kindle book for dentists, another book for plumbers, and yet another book aimed at helping attorneys create effective yellow page ad programs.
"Yellow pages are dead," you say?..... not by a long shot. A sizable, high-income slice of consumers still refer to local yellow page guides. And, there are plenty of prospects that would like to know how to navigate the new yellow page landscape and get more bang for the buck out of their yellow page expenditures.
Have you ever sold yellow page advertising? If so, you could write a book on how to buy this type of advertising at a discount.
Have you ever purchased yellow page advertising? If so, you could write a book on how to negotiate a better deal from independent yellow page sales reps.
Have you ever used yellow pages? If so, you could write a book on what makes certain listings and display ads stand out; and, with a bit of research, you could put together a guide that helps new business owners save money when they open their doors and get listed in local yellow page books.
See, this is just one example of how your own personal know-how can be turned into cash. You simply need to look and see the opportunities waiting out there, where you can take what you know and turn what you're good at into short, digital books that will deliver a steady profit into your bank account for years to come.