Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fan Fiction Solicited By Kindle Worlds For Authors

Although this blog features on publishing non-fiction Kindle books, there is an interesting wrinkle in the self-publishing world.

Any writer can now have an opportunity to submit and publish their own original fan fiction stories in the Kindle Worlds store -- storylines based on an existing media franchise's body of work.

Amazon has issued a call to arms, urging new fan fiction writers to submit their work to a worldwide audience; the online retailer sees the demand from readers surging for high quality content. To submit, authors must visit the Kindle Worlds website, select the fan fiction category they wish to submit to, and then follow Amazon's content guidelines to a 'T' before continuing.

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Overview direct from the Amazon World's website:

Kindle Worlds is easy to use... you can upload your story easily—along with a title, editorial description, and other information.

  • Kindle Worlds accepts novels, novellas, and short stories inspired by the Worlds we have licensed.
  • Using our Cover Creator, you can design a cover for your Kindle Worlds story.
  • World Licensors have provided Content Guidelines for each World, and your work must follow these Content Guidelines. We strongly encourage you to read the Content Guidelines before you commit the time and effort to write.
  • Stories are available in digital format exclusively on, Kindle devices, iOS, Android, and PC/Mac via our Kindle Free Reading apps. We hope to offer additional formats in the future.
  • You will receive monthly royalty reports and payments for all copies sold.
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