Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kindle Publishing 'How-To' E-Book Reveals Shortcut To Success

"How To Make Your E-Book Make Money! 7 Steps To Publishing Profitable Kindle E-Books In Your Spare Time!"
If you've wanted to know how to publish an ebook for free, I can show you how. Over the past year, my experience writing, formatting, promoting and selling Kindle e-books has now been distilled down into 16,000+ words, arranged in a "What's Next?" format to not only inform you of proven ways to write and sell Kindle e-books on Amazon, but also to help you stay focused on your project and use efficient time management to get started, stay focused, and regularly publish e-books people are eager and ready to buy.
Not every book will sell. But you can improve the odds of self-publishing success by learning from authors who are cashing in on the simple publishing system provided by Amazon Kindle. Why waste your time writing a book nobody wants to read?
I've included tricks I've learned to find out what people are willing to spend money on, before I write a single word.
Knowing what to write is as important as knowing how to write. This book may not make you a better writer. But if you want to make money from your writing, this book will make you more aware of what you must do every step of the way.
It's all laid out for you. Follow the suggestions contained in "How To Make Your E-Book Make Money!" and you're certain to gain valuable advice, insights into the new publishing world emerging now in digital content distribution, and you'll enjoy the success you've been wanting as an author and as an indie publisher who calls all the shots!
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