Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Reach Your Self-Publishing Goals

I've always been inspired by the words of the late Earl Nightingale, the motivational speaker with the gruff, gravely voice who tells it straight. I first heard and listened to him and absorbed his "think-and-work-hard" philosophy back in 1988, while attending college on the GI Bill and trying to build a part-time business on the side. It helped me focus on what I wanted to accomplish in life.

Here's a great introduction to his major premise of success: The progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.

Here's a video clip I stumbled across on YouTube:

If you've never heard Nightingale before, take 30 minutes and listen to him right now.

The reason I posted this today is because authors who make the decision to self-publish need some inspiration to keep on keeping on.

You'll suffer much disappointment and frustration in this business. But you will also achieve much satisfaction.

Keep believing in yourself.

Keep writing and learning how to sell your writing.

Be open to knew ideas that can help you do more, faster, better, and more often.

Be committed to your own goals and ideals.

Keep in mind all the people your Kindle books will help.

Never give up.