Saturday, September 2, 2017

Self-Publishing Comes Of Age, Now Deemed 'Respectable Business Strategy'

I still remember seeing this quote appear in an article by Andrews Rhomberg titled "Why Authors Are Start-ups and Publishers Are Venture Capitalists — Now More Than Ever" when he noted:
Self-publishing has gone from “vanity” publishing to a respectable business strategy
It's a quote I love. His outlook on the future of ebook publishing is worth a close read and steady reflection. Here's why....

His observations are relevant to the future of self-publishing. Once authors come to grips that their future success is not about getting a book contract and it's now all about writing and selling good books, then bestseller-status will flow to those who can craft a pithy book description as well as they can churn out a luscious chunk of dialogue.

Self-publishing starts with the idea. It continues with the research. It culminates with writing, editing, re-writing and publishing. But there now comes into play book cover designs, book blurb compilations, book formatting duties and promotional book launches which every author must either (1) master or (2) delegate.

Change is here. Embrace the future. The business of writing and publishing is being transformed to one of creation and self-publishing.