Tuesday, August 29, 2017

4 Things You Must Do To Get Started Writing Your Kindle Book

Four simple things you must do as you 'get started to get started' creating your next Kindle Book: 
1. Find out ‘Why’ you want to be self-published. Write down all the reasons you want to self-publish your book onto a 3" x 5" index card. Fold it in two and put it in your pocket. Carry it around with you all day long. Read those reasons every chance you can. Once you know 'Why' you will not stop when those around you ask 'How?' You will simply do it. If you feel like you're stuck, pull out that index card and re-read all your reasons. Then get busy.
2. Research your best book ideas that strike a balance between your expertise and urgent/emergency information readers are willing to pay for. It is in these intersections of what you offer and what they need where you will find successful book ideas.
3. Make a 'Go/No-Go' determination if your book idea is indeed a winner. In short, confirm you have uncovered a book ideas that people are actually looking for and will buy. It's like a mini-feasibility study to figure out if this type of book will make money. If not, forget it; move on to your next idea. Never waste time writing a book nobody wants to read.
4. Set your own deadline to begin today (and don't break your promise to yourself!) and then…get started doing something, anything right away. Start where you're at right now with what you know and fill in the blanks along the way. There's something magic that happens when you get started: you move closer to finishing and that feeling helps propel you toward getting your book done.
Be careful to act on your ideas. Procrastinate and time will slide by, and you could miss the opportunity to profit from your self-published book ideas.